Edmundo Rivero

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Lagrimitas de mi corazón [1948] Anibal Troilo, duet with Floreal Ruiz

Sur [1948] Anibal Troilo

Cafetín de Buenos Aires [1948] Anibal Troilo

Mi Noche Triste [1966]   Anibal Troilo on the bandoneon, Roberto Grela on the guitar

Milonga Lunfarda  

Milonga del consorcio 

Jacinto Chiclana [1965] Astor Piazzolla, poem by Jorge Luis Borges


La Canchera [1950] Edmundo Rivero

A Unos Ojos [1949] Aníbal TROILO–Edmundo Rivero y Aldo Calderón

Garúa [1982] Astor Piazzolla–Roberto Goyeneche

Muchacho [1995] Adriana Varela

La Cumparsita [1999] Cacho Tirao 

Jacinto Chiclana

I remember, it was in Balvanera,

on a distant night,

that someone dropped the name

of a certain Jacinto Chiclana.

Something was also said

of a street corner and a knife.

The years passed do not let us see

the interplay and the brilliance.

Who knows for what reason

I’m looking for that name!

I would like to know

how that man must have been.

I see him tall and full,

with the restrained soul;

able not to raise his voice

and to risk his life.

Nobody with firmer footing

Must have stepped on the earth.

Nobody must have been like him

in love and in war.

In the garden and on the patio

And the towers of Balvanera

and casual death

on any street corner.

I do not see the features.

I see,

Under the yellow lantern,

The clash of men or shadows

And that viper, the knife.

Maybe at that time

When the wound entered,

He thought that it suited a man

not to delay the departure.

Only God can know

the faithful quality of that man

Gentlemen, I’m singing

what is encoded in the name.

Of all the things, there is one thing

That no one repents on earth.

That thing

is having been brave.

Courage is Always better.

Hope is never vain.

Well, then, this milonga is

for Jacinto Chiclana.

[translated by Ronaldo & EJ]

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