Mundial 2016

Mundial 2016

Mundial 2016 ended on Aug. 31 with a fanfare. It was a two-week-long event chock-full of concerts, homenajes, stage shows, dance lessons, and, of course, the tango championship. On Day Two of the event, we learned of the passing of Maestro Horcaio Salgan at the age of 100.

Our coverage of the event from Los Angeles was challenging, to say the least, but thanks to the US Championship organizer Andrea Monti and the lovely Natalia Hills, we were able to put together a meaningful episode.

We will get to know the newly crowned champions and their passion for and dedication to tango.

Our guests in order of appearance

1. Andrea Monti (Argentine Tango US Championship organizer)

Tango USA Championship

2.  US Tango Escenario Champions Daniel Moreno and Amanda Accica

Argentine Tango US Championship Interview with Ronaldo

3. US Tango de Pista Champions Adam Cornett and Tilia Kimm

Argentine Tango US Championship Interview with Ronaldo

4. Oscar “Pancho” Martinez Pey (Mundial Dance Organizer)

5. Daniel Juarez and Alejandra Armenti (Judges)

6. Hugo Mastrolorenzo and Agustina Vignau (Mundial 2016 Tango Escenario Winners)

Mundial 2016 Winners’ Performance

Tango Escenario Winner Announcement

7. Cristian Palomo and Melisa Sacchi (Mundial 2016 Tango de Pista Winners)

Mundial 2016 Winners’ Performance

Tango de Pista Winner Announcemen

8. More Mundial Videos from


Official Mundial News

Music played in the episode

  1. Recuerdo: Horacio Salgan
  2. Marion:  Miguel Caló & Raul Iriarte
  3. Quasi Nada: Juan D’Arienzo
  4. Pajaro Ciego: Aníbal Troilo–Francisco Fiorentino-Amadeo Mandarino
  5. El Arranque: Osvaldo Pugliese
  6. Balada para un Loco: Astor Piazzolla–Roberto Goyeneche
  7. Corazón : Carlos Di Sarli–Roberto Rufino
  8. Piropos: Aníbal Troilo
  9. Rondando tu Esquina: Osvaldo Pugliese–Roberto Chanel
  10. La Cumparsita: Francini-Pontier–Alberto Podestá

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